Our Story

From physical to Digital


“Yakin Sebelum Berjaya.”

Coach Mohd Noor, Founder


These values reflect how we would like to do business and how we behave towards our students, clients, tutors and team. Our values are reviewed yearly by all of our team and added, amended or removed by consensus.


We feel that in order to achieve our aim of providing the best education anywhere in the world it is imperative that we deliver our services of the highest quality. In order to provide education of the highest quality we do the following:

  • Place the learner at the centre of everything that we do
  • Find the best educators to be tutors
  • Build scalable, robust systems
  • Excellent project management
  • Obtain as much feedback as possible
  • Never hard sell. Excellent products sell themselves.
  • Operate in a transparent manner


We like to do business with people we like. We believe that if we are as nice as possible, people will want to do business with us.  In order to be as nice as possible we try to adhere to the following principles:

  • Produce as many free resources as possible to help our learners
  • Contribute our profits to charity projects including CMN Care
  • Help our tutors and product managers as much as we can
  • Don’t judge our students too quickly
  • Make decisions by consensus
  • Be as honest as we can and do the right thing


If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. We want to go a very long way. As such it is important that we can leverage the respective strengths of our stakeholders in order to progress efficiently. In order to encourage teamwork we:

  • Make sure that we all know where we stand
  • Make sure that every team is leading or be part of a learning project
  • Share our burdens with each other
  • Understand what our colleagues are doing
  • Love our tutors and students


Students will engage more effectively with their tutors if their sessions are fun. We also believe that the most effective team are happy team. Having fun is essential for us to achieve our aims and we try to achieve this by doing the following:

  • We do whatever we need to in order to enjoy what we do
  • Organise regular team away days, gathering & trips
  • Love what we do and do what we love
  • Encourage each other to take care of our health and well-being


The world of education is changing fast. In order to achieve our mission we feel that it will be insufficient for us to just deal with change when we are confronted by it but to lead change in the education industry. We aim to lead change by doing the following:

  • Saying “yes” to new ideas in learning and education
  • Leading by example by continually investing in our own learning development
  • Being at the forefront of educational change